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Type II Diabetes Mellitus and CV history:
Age ≥50
HbA1c 6.5%-10%
Coronary Heart disease, Cerebrovascular disease, Symptomatic peripheral artery disease, and/or Chronic Kidney disease with eGFR <60
No treatment with GLP-1 within 30 days
No Heart Failure Class IV
No uncontrolled Diabetic Retinopathy
No dialysis
No cancer within 5 years, unless Basal or Squamous cell skin cancer
Type II Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic Retinopathy:
Age ≥ 18
HbA1c 7%-10%
Additional Eye criteria performed by ophthalmologist
No treatment with GLP-1 or DPP-4 medications within 30 days
No Heart Failure Class IV
No eGFR <30
Low Testosterone:
Male between 45-80 Years of age. Must have symptoms of low testosterone, have had a Cardiovascular event (Heart Attack, Stroke, CABG, PTCA) or multiple high risk factors.
Low Testosterone & Hypertension:
≥ 18 year old men
Not on Testosterone Hormone Therapy
Must be willing to wear ABPM twice during the study
Warrior Study:
Women only with signs and symptoms of a cardiac event, but no event or intervention occurred.

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